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Ella Bokor

Cellist Ella Bokor is a member of several renowned musical ensembles, including PlaCello, Duo Cello Jaya, Ludens Piano Trio, Violoncellissimo, and the Romanian Youth Orchestra. She is also a professor at Dinu Lipatti National College of Arts.

Throughout her career, Ella has achieved significant milestones, including the release of her CD Duo Cello Jaya – Tales in 2016, which was followed by the successful National Tales Tour, Vietnam Tour, and Cello Irish Tour organized by UCIMR. She has also made recordings for the Romanian Broadcasting Society and the Romanian Television alongside Duo Cello Jaya.

In 2019 and 2020, she participated as a masterclass teacher alongside cellist Răzvan Suma at the Music at Altitude festival, the ICon Arts Transylvania festival/masterclass, and gave numerous concerts with the PlaCello ensemble and the Violoncellissimo National Tours.

Ella has also participated in numerous masterclasses and festivals, including ICon Arts Festival, SoNoRo Festival, SoNoRo Interferences, SoNoRo Manor, Isa16 – International Summer Academy, Villa Musica, Cello Akademie Rutesheim, Plovdiv Chamber Music International Festival, George Enescu International Festival, Sound of Music, Poetic Harmonies, Baroque Nocturnes, Bucharest Music Film Festival, Simn Festival, TIFF, and Meridian Festival. She collaborates with prestigious institutions and orchestras such as the George Enescu Philharmonic, Les Dissonances ensemble, and Richard Wagner International Orchestra.

Ella has performed and studied alongside renowned musicians, including Alexander Bouzlov, Marin Cazacu, David Grimal, Jan-Erik Gustaffson, Alexandra Guțu, Diana Ketler, Fenyo Laszlo, Sergey Malov, Adrian Mantu, Alissa Margulis, Anita Mitterer, Marie Luise Neunecker, Răzvan Popovici, Răzvan Suma, Marcin Sieniawski, and Christoph Wyneken.

With her extensive experience, talent, and passion for music, Ella Bokor is a remarkable cellist and an inspiring educator who continues to make significant contributions to the world of classical music.